Foxkeh Chat

IRC client for FirefoxOS supported by “Foxkeh”!

Download (Firefox Marketplace)

  1. Firefox OS 1.3 ~ late
  2. Low memory device supported!
  3. Simply setting!
  4. Server for 1 only. (so far)
  5. Join multiple channels.
  6. URL auto link and image URL auto display.
  7. Japanese (other multibyte unicodes) input.


Changes log

see also: sakadon’s Github “foxkehchat” repo

ver 0.5 – 20141106

  • NEW! Cute Foxkeh circle icon!!
  • [TEST] Horizontal swipe interface for channel switching.
  • [TEST] Toolbar in the header.
  • Support command: Change nickname.
  • Support display: Quit, Change nickname, User list for channel.
  • And more bug fixed.

ver 0.3 – 20141102

  • multiple channels join
  • url auto link, image url auto display
  • part/join message display
  • bug fix

foxkeh_irc01 foxkeh_irc02 foxkeh_irc03

ver 0.1 beta – 20141010

  • beta release. 1server connection and 1ch join support.

“Foxkeh” (C) 2006 Mozilla Japan.


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